About Restore Motion Physical Therapy

Rockville, MD and Washington, DC

RESTORE MOTION was founded to support the philosophy of “Excellence in care, excellence in outcomes” and the goal of healing the whole person. Over a decade later, we are gratified by the success we have achieved and the difference we have made – both in our client’s lives and in our physical therapy profession. Our founders have sought out talented, forward-thinking professionals who share our philosophies and goals to join the RESTORE MOTION team. Together, we have been happily and systematically improving the quality of life for thousands of clients.

As for our profession, we are pleased to be at its forefront, teaching manual evaluation and treatment methods at local universities and to colleagues from all over the world. We are also pleased to be involved in ensuring its future. A Clinical Internship Site for university programs, such as those at George Washington University, Hampton University, and University of Maryland, RESTORE MOTION is proud to host and help train the next generation of physical therapists.

Our approach makes a difference.

From your initial visit and assessment, and throughout each treatment session, you will experience why our practice is different.

  • A Hands-On, Integrated Approach
    We utilize advanced training across multiple disciplines, incorporating traditional, as well as emerging therapeutic techniques and leading-edge technology, to assess, diagnose, and treat our clients.
  • A Focus On Quality of Motion
    In restoring mobility, we work on improving motor connections and coordinating movement, as well as on the mechanics of movement.
  • Whole Body Awareness
    “We strive to maximize… and wellness,” should continue with “one that is sustainable and one that is greater than any injured part.”
  • Specificity
    We use our in-depth knowledge of the demands on the neuromuscular system to complete specific actions in creating highly effective, customized treatment programs that optimize rehabilitation.
  • Privacy and Commitment
    Our appointments are private, individual treatment sessions so that you can focus, undistracted, on your recovery.

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