Physical Therapy Blog Posts

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  • Playing for Two

    Date: Sep 29, 2017
    There are moments in an athlete’s career that are life changing; winning your first title, becoming world number 1, or ...
  • Manual Therapy Treatment for Concussions

    Date: Sep 29, 2017
    Following a concussion, symptoms such as headaches, light sensitivity, dizziness, cognitive difficulty, emotional irritability, depression, and sleep disturbances can often ...
  • Is this Backpack Too Large?

    Date: Aug 29, 2017
    What to look for in a Backpack: Wide, padded shoulder straps distribute the weight over a larger area around the shoulders. ...
  • MAPP: Multi-Disciplinary Approach to the Study of Chronic Pelvic Pain

    Date: Aug 29, 2017
    Malassezia spp. Skin Microbiome. MAPP (Multi-Disciplinary Approach to the Study of Chronic Pelvic Pain) Finds That Fungus In Urine Might ...
  • Ursula Sukinik, Doula and Entrepreneur of Birth You Desire

    Date: Aug 16, 2017
    Ursula is not only a certified childbirth educator, but is also a birth doula, a birth assistant, a doula trainer, ...
  • Pilates and Your Game

    Date: Jun 08, 2017
      PILATES AND YOUR GAME The Pilates principles of core stabilization address posture, breathing, muscle performance and motor control. Pilates sessions break ...