Pelvic Floor Health

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At RESTORE MOTION, we have advanced clinical knowledge, experience, and expertise in pelvic floor health and dysfunction. It is a specialty of ours. The pelvic floor affects basic bodily functions and bodily functions affect quality of life:
• Locomotion or movement and support
• Urinary and bowel elimination, and
• Sexual and reproductive functionPelvic floor issues are often an undiagnosed, underlying cause of many conditions. These conditions include hip pain to constipation and urinary tract complications; to gender specific concerns like erectile dysfunction and uterine prolapse; as well as other serious conditions.

Muscles need to have strength, endurance, and flexibility to function properly. They need to be balanced. The group of muscles that make up the pelvic floor is no exception. Effective treatment can have a dramatic effect, allowing you to regain dignity and joy in life. Our professional staff has specialized training to evaluate and treat pelvic dysfunction. We know how differently it affects men and women. Our comprehensive assessment is the first step toward good pelvic health.

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