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Pain and Stress Management Resources

These items have been helpful to our clients.  Below recommendations do not constitute an endorsement.  Check with your therapist to make sure they are right for you!

Pain management workbook
Manage Pain Before it Manages You by Margaret A. Caudil.  Approachable “bite sized” concepts and activities designed to help you manage and thrive despite pain.  For additional information, click here.

Managing Pain Before it Manages You


Stress Management
Full Catastrophe Living by John Kabat-Zinn.  The title says it all.  From a leader in the practice of Mindfulness Meditation.  For additional information, click here.

Full Catastrophe Living book


Recovery from Trauma
The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van der Kolk.  How body work can help heal trauma.  For additional information, click here.


The Body Keeps The Score book